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seek – jessica elle clark


throughout 1 Timothy 4, we are instructed to “train ourselves, command and teach, do not let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example, devote yourselves to scripture and preaching and teaching. do not neglect your gift. be diligent, give yourself wholly to them. watch your life and doctrine closely. persevere in them.”
these verses stick with me as i see the call to action that Paul was making to Timothy pop off the page. a call to seek, to never give up, a call to fight. a call to be set ablaze in his gifts and ultimate pursuit of Christ.

i believe that Paul knew Timothy would need such encouragement because the reality is that sometimes we can grow passive in our seek. i know that i have. we wake up in the mornings, after hitting the snooze button three to four times, and start on task one of the day. forgetting to invite the Holy Spirit into our day. or if we do, are we inviting Him into our hour, into our minutes, into our seconds as well? And being the gentleman that He is, He doesn’t force himself upon us so He patiently waits and waits and waits…and waits for us to give the invitation.

within the last two to three weeks, my mind was feeling so clogged that i had a persistent headache for weeks. i was not reading the word or dedicating intentional time to worship. and to be truthful, i did not want to. the desire was gone. i woke up and went about the mundane, routine tasks of the day. i could not understand what was going on with me mentally, but knew that I was experiencing an all around blockage. i did not want to engage in any type of critical thinking. i could not even read a book which is one of my favorite hobbies. i could however tolerate visual and auditory-presented information such as YouTube clips, sermons, visuals, etc. so the Holy Spirit used that to grab my attention and as I was listening to a sermon, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that i had been running on automatic and stopped actively participating and engaging in my relationship with Him. He then led me on a word study of the word seek, and it means a desire to obtain or achieve. blue letter bible (a great resource) says that seek is to crave, demand something from someone. think of the passion behind these verbs. have you ever had a craving for a particular food? or what about a craving for a person, a feeling? a desire for dream to come true? a goal you have desperately wanted to attain? that! that is the same feeling, same passion, same craving that our Lord is speaking of when he says to seek first the kingdom (Matthew 6:33). we are to crave the kingdom. aim at the kingdom. demand the kingdom. think on the kingdom. enquire into the kingdom. my prayer today for us as a body of believers is that we ask the Holy Spirit to deepen our seek and increase a hunger for Him alone, and that we seek as if our lives depended on it. amen and amen!