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endure – jessica elle clark

endure defines endure as “to continue to exist; to last; to gain lasting acknowledgment or recognition, as of worth, merit or greatness.” Blue Letter Bible defines as to remain, abide, not flee, to persevere, bear bravely.” it is also one of the characteristics of love in 1 Corinthians 13.  the name for this blog  was created when the Holy Spirit awakened me months ago and began to birth the idea in me. I have known for some time that I was meant to occupy such a space; But, “things” held me back. things being weights and baggage accumulated throughout my twenty nine years of life. however i reached a place where i was no longer going to allow the pains of my past to hinder my future. it was if i was being offered door A or door B. i had a decision to make, i was either going to continue the pattern of crumbling whenever faced with a difficult circumstance or i was going to move beyond, “boss up”, pick up my sword, and fight back. i chose the latter. within i knew running to Jesus, accepting his invitation to hold his hand- was my only option. and this has been my new rhythm for 2018. being aligned with the One and becoming.

now when i think of alignment, the first thing that comes to mind is when you need your car aligned. this involves evening a car’s wheels and axles with each other so that they are moving in the same direction. it has to be performed by an experienced mechanic and also requires advanced equipment. the human eye cannot perform a precise and accurate alignment. now the mechanic adjusts four essential parts that affect the movement and position of the tires. the steering wheel must also be centered.

i am sure all of you see where i am going with this-the process of becoming aligned is critical because it will ensure that every part of us is moving in the same direction such as our emotional health, spiritual health, mental health, and our physical health. When we are centered on Jesus, our mind becomes aligned, our heart becomes aligned, our strength becomes aligned, and our soul. #allinallyear (shoutout to my church family at i5 City). the alignment process is not an easy one, but a worth it one. my prayer is that we remain steadfast and endure as we invest in our best selves this year.

positive affirmation for the day: you are more than enough. you are loved. you are wonderfully made. you are beautiful. you have purpose. you are poetry in motion. you have everything you need within you.