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embrace – jessica elle clark


i was told once that i was no good, and the worst part was that the person attached God’s name to it. the exact phrase was “the Lord told me that you are no good.” i felt many things at this moment-rejection mostly. i am thankful that the Holy Spirit spoke truth to me in this moment by calling me his beloved and leading me to scriptures detailing how much He loved and cared for me (2 Samuel 22, Deuteronomy 32, 33:12). Even though truth was spoken to me in this moment, damage was also done inside of my heart. i did not have the tools to unpack such a lie at that time in my life, and as a result accepted the lie as truth. and so the beat Jessica up cycle continued. every single abusive word spoken by myself or others came to mind any time i made a mistake and especially during times of weakness. i struggled with believing in my heart and mind that i was unconditionally loved. it was hard for me to embrace my God-given identity because of poor mindsets that i took on for years. it was hard for me to forgive myself  and to accept forgiveness because i mentally beat myself up with shame. Ultimately, in my heart I believed that Christ died for everyone else except for “no good” me. i was too wounded, too much of a failure, too this and too that. And y’all, i am talking within the past year!  i had to learn that a part of embracing your identity is embracing God in His entirety and His total acceptance of you.

Lisa Bevere writes in Without Rival, “Because he is love, i am loved and i can love. Because he is life, i am alive. Because he is able, i am capable. Because he is my brother, i am God’s daughter. Because he is almighty, i am mighty. Because he is healer, i am healed. Because he is wisdom, i am wise. Because he is, i am. Because of who he is, i am who he says i am. i am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

accept this solid truth into your heart. embrace it fully. you are loved deeply. you are good and good enough. you are God’s favorite you, and He is madly in love with you.