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black panther – jessica elle clark

black panther

(Spoiler Alert: but quite honestly, it is your own fault for not seeing this movie by now).

There are many powerful moments, scenes, lines within the film; but, the one that resonates with me the most is when T’Challa is engaged in battle and has taken brutal hits aimed to take him out. viewers can see on T’Challa’s face that he wants to give up and his strength is failing. Suddenly, his mother cries out, “SHOW HIM WHO YOU ARE!” (Pause: praise God for the powerful role mothers possess). Once T’Challa hears this, his entire posture changes. in my opinion, this scene is one of the best examples of necessary daily posture and mindset. Not only did T’Challa have to be reminded of his identity, but he had to take that truth and declare it to his rival in order to re-engage and win the fight at hand.

a practical and simple strategy to adopt is to begin speaking out loud positive affirmations to yourself when you wake up in the morning. it helps me to look myself in the mirror when saying them. then i add scripture about who God says i am because God’s truth is where the true power lies and what He says about you is everlasting, eternal, can never be taken away.  we too are in a battle ladies and gents, and part of winning our battles is knowing who we are and believing it to be an absolute truth. speak over yourself, “i am phenomenal. i am one of a kind. i am filled with peace, love, and every good thing.”  your inner warrior will automatically rise up because you are building you up (Jude 1:20-21).

share with me your favorite scenes or quotes from the movie!